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Writer, Editor & Creator--Honey Bee
Hey guys, this is your Honey Bee, writer and creator of the 'Ello Honey Bee Blog! I'm a 29 year old writer, singer, social media manager, and student. I have a B.A. in English from the University of California, Irvine and was working on a degree in medicine...operative word (WAS). Currently applying for a Masters in Creative Writing. Scary, I know. I created this blog after years of hearing some friends talk about their own blogs and how much fun they were having just sharing their love for all things "them". Alas, here is my attempt at blogging. I must say, I really love it and hope you like reading it. I'm as busy as a bee so I figured why not sire my blog as such. The 'Ello portion is a display of my love for England. I went there a couple of years ago to study abroad at Cambridge and I loved everything about the culture and all the moving history it has to offer.

I love coffee, coffee and tea (apricot ceylon from Coffee Bean will get you a hug), Harry Potter, cute things, Halloween, spooky weird stuff, lavender, teal, fiction, Stephen King, shopping, fashion, old jazz music, black and white movies, Indie music, cold weather (chubby kids sweat too much in heat), the smell of books, movies, hanging with my amazing friends, and playing Super Smash Brothers with my boyfriend. For now, postgrad, I manage social media for a few clients and and back to school getting myself prepped for an MFA program. So we shall see how that goes. The important things in life are to live and love--of course... happy reading :) Follow me @ellohoneybee on Twitter.

Bee Positive Writer
Emily is our Bee Positive (B+) writer! You're going to love all of the amazing new and fun knowledge she's bringing to 'Ello Honey Bee! We're talking A+ advice, even if it says B+. She will offer insightful advice from everything on the spectrum. Get real and get Tierman-ed. A little background shall we? Emily is from the dairyland... Wisconsin. And no, do not ask her about cheese; that's just... well... cheesy. She started, like many of us, as a music major with a dream of being a coordinator for musical productions. She's the one that began the 'Give Back' benefit concert for the Al Ringling Theatre in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

So if you've been there, Emily and her team were the reason it was restored and available for the town! Then one day, Emily decided she wanted to take her life's adventure to sunny California! She moves to L.A. after she was admitted into the Deaf Studies program at CSUN. Ever since, she's been traveling and exploring all that California has to offer. Emily loves photography, musical theatre, cute fuzzy things, talking about all things in the realm of social justice, going to concerts, short walks on the beach, awkward romantic dinners, cooking, Friends, the Ken Adams and Regina Phalange contrived love story, and back muscles (strongly stress this).... on boys....sorry girls. You can find her on Twitter @Emsactually, Instagram, Youtube and... right here on 'Ello Honey Bee!

Travel Bee Writer
Jennie is our Travel Bee Writer! Jennie Harris hails from Hermosa Beach, California, in Los Angeles County. There she has finished her Bachelors of Music Performance and Music Education, from Chapman University- Hall- Musco Conservatory of Music and runs her own Piano and Voice lesson studio. Life is great in Los Angeles, but there is such a big world out there to see, and she intends to see all of it! Jennie began traveling at the age of 19 when she joined a small study abroad trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji to study Music History, and… well, she doesn't remember the other course, but she does remember studying some seriously hot rugby players. Anyhow, after that trip her eyes were opened to the world outside California, and the travel bug has since bitten her!

Fortunately, she has had the opportunity to travel as a singer to Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, and cities throughout California, with many more to come! In 2010 she studied French and Architecture in Paris! In 2011 she spent one month traveling solo through Bali and Indonesia. After finishing college in 2014 she has traveled to Puerto Rico, Mexico, and toured the Southern Caribbean on a Royal Caribbean cruise liner! She has many tips, tricks, and funny stories from her travels and has plans for many more trips to come!

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