Beauty Review: Tatcha Face Mask + Dior Brightening Face Mask

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The beauty community has lost their minds over this purple, vitamin C, Tatcha brightening face mask. So naturally, I went out and hunted one down to see what all the talk was about. The reason so many people are on the hunt for brightening face masks is that sun damage (via UV absorption into the skin) has become much worse over time. Considering the rate at which the atmosphere is depleting, we're lucky we have any such protection left for our skin. Sun damage equals premature aging, which I'll explain this beauty review of the Tatcha face mask and the Dior brightening face mask.

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Some Things to Think About:

But first, it's a great idea to understand why you need face masks or any piece of skin care product. 

Always ask yourself this question when you're thinking of spending money on any one skin care item (especially the expensive ones): What do I need my face mask, cleanser, moisturizer or toner, to do? 

1. Why Should We Be Concerned With Sun Damage and How Does It Affect Our Skin?

The dermatologist will tell you that they're looking for signs of photodamage (sun damage) which are UVA, UVB and other forms of light that can penetrate into the epidermis (the skin you see right now at the surface), down to the dermal layer (deepest layer of the skin where all the good shit lives). Sun damage is serious and forgetting to wear sunscreen at a 35 SPF level is just plain dumb. 

Sunscreen blocks damaging levels of light from penetrating deep into the skin (because different frequencies and colors of light can penetrate the skin at different levels). What happens to the skin is that there are specialized fibers that are called collagen and elastin which maintain the integrity of the skin. So when people start noticing their skin isn't as bouncy as it used to be that's elastin (responsible for the stretch and snap in your skin) and when they notice the skin isn't as tight as it once was that's collagen. 

Ultraviolet rays can penetrate deep into the skin so much so that it rapidly increases the level at which your cells age and that means you'll look a lot older than you should. High levels of overexposure to the sun in someone that has lower levels of melanin which correspond to the color of your skin--darker skin colors mean more melanin and lighter mean a lot less melanin--can see early mutations of the cells. Mutations in your skin cells can present problems like melanoma, a skin cancer that affects people young and old as early as their 20s. 

Just get some sunscreen...because too much sun=aging.

2. Is My Skin Dry or Oily?

There are a few ways you can tell if you have oily, combination or dry skin. The first way is to pay attention to the behavior of your oil glands within your T Zone which is the area above your nose and in between your brows, your forehead as well. If this area is constantly in need of a good blotting, then you're probably an oil slick. Another way would be to get a good facial and let the aesthetician tell you what type of skin you have. If you don't know this already, you're missing out on a lot. Knowing the type of skin you have is the key to saving you lots of time and money. When you know this, everything is easier to shop for because you know what you need your skin care products to do for your skin. 

3. Do I See Signs of Aging in My Skin? Are There Any Areas in My Skin Where the Texture Is Changed? 

If you're like me, you've always tried your best to take care of your skin including washing, moisturizing and protection. However, there are just some things that are bound to catch up with you as you've gotten older. After your twenties, at least a percent of your collagen and elastin levels shrink within your skin and that's just how it goes. You can't prevent the change deep within the dermal layer, but you can start to replenish what's being lost and slow the process. That's what most people don't understand about skin care--you have to help your skin by offering the tissues new collagen and elastin to rebuild. 

In addition to that, you need to focus on sloughing away dead skin so that fresh cells can grow in its place. Not only do your youthful fibers dimish after 20, but the rate of cellular turnover does too. When you're young you always look glowing and fresh, but no matter what you do after 20 there's some serious exfoliation that has to happen too. When this occurs, texture changes are inevitable and you can see if in the way your skin starts to change color from one section of the forehead to the cheeks and how the pores become larger and more difficult to cover up. 

The Reveal

Which one did the job or didn't?

SO--I knew all of this and decided that I needed these face masks to brighten, tone and moisturize my skin. One other thing I knew was that my skin was more sensitive than most of my friends so I had to be careful in the types of products I chose to put on my face. If something burns or if smells funky, my general rule of thumb is to avoid using it again. 

Tatcha Vitamin C Radiance Face Mask + Dior Life Apricot Face Mask

This one looked amazing (hello, look at that color!) but smelled like burning medicine. Lots of people online said that this mask would feel good on the face, a little too good. This face mask is supposed to remove the upper layer of the skin to reveal new cells that can make you look brighter and overall younger. I took off this mask and didn't see much of a difference but my skin felt smoother. I used it a couple more times (over the next couple of weeks) and felt the same way about this mask. While it felt okay, I didn't notice much of a visual difference. Another thing that concerned me was the slight burning I felt at the corners of my nose. So for $68 I passed on it. I understand that you won't always see immediate results with these face masks since they're meant to reveal results over time but I honestly didn't feel that I needed more than two or three weeks. One thing I will say about it is that it came with a spatula for easy application and I loved that. 

 You can't get this mask anywhere right now unless you order it online. Every Sephora is sold out, so order it online if you like it after you've asked for a sample to try in-store.

Everyone always says Dior is life. While I believe their products are amazing, this one burned the shit out of my skin and actually made me puff up a bit. I bought it because the girl at Sephora said that it was all natural and made of the best fruit extracts and should do "wonders for my skin." The Tatcha face mask above takes 15 minutes, this one only required three and now I know why. I couldn't stand it any longer than three minutes. This one hurt and my skin felt tingly afterward, but I did see a difference in my skin directly after one use. This mask wasn't for me, but I think it could do some good for someone that doesn't consider themselves too sensitive.
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I say the Dior Life face mask is a yes, provided you can handle it. For this mask, I recommend taking a sample test beforehand. 

The next one I'm trying now is the Fresh Rose Face Mask since I know that I need to focus on hydration, but the vitamin C masks are going to take a back seat for a while. Let me know what you think about all of these masks and what your favorites are to come. 

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