Valentine's Day Is Sealed With Chocolate

12:22:00 AM

Chocolate candies, cookies, and love. How many wonderful things are included in the celebration of Valentine's Day? A million things that we love. I've been a firm believer in the idea that you don't need to celebrate love on one particular day, so don't celebrate love, celebrate chocolate, sweets and feeling sinful. I was sent a delicious care package of the best cookies on the planet, Walker's shortbread cookies.

I've always assumed that these cookies were, mostly, just butter shortbread cookies, but now they come covered in chocolate and flavored with fruity deliciousness. My absolute favorite was the orange flavored. They're called Royals and they are every bit as regal as they say. I love orange chocolate combinations and these literally melt in your mouth. If you're not into orange, there are raspberry flavored Royals as well.

So those were delicious, but these are something adorable to give out to your dog lover friends and possibly for little kids! The chocolate Scottie dogs are shaped exactly like their inspiration and taste amazing. But mostly, they're fun to play with. I would wrap these up, tie them with a bow and slap on some confetti with hearts and send it off to school. My favorite party favor online store is Oh Happy Day, so grab some cute Valentine's Day labels, bags and wrapping to wrap up your cookies in the cutest way possible. But, they're already cute right?

I keep these guys in my cookie jar every time guests come by because they have a lot to say about their style and taste. Italians always need coffee cookies paired with their espresso.

Celebrate sweet chocolatey goodness on Vday, you won't regret it nor will you be disappointed in the day. Load up on these, trust me. They say sell them at World Market or online here.

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