It's #NationalShortbreadDay

12:00:00 AM

Okay friends, everyone knows that Ellohoneybee loves some sweet stuff. This month a very special day is coming that might make you a little nostalgic, and that's #NationalShortbreadDay on January the 6th, 2017!

Shortbread cookies have been in my family for over 100 years since my grandmothers, grandmother made them from scratch. My mom was adopted when she was only three and my adoptive grandmother told us so many stories about the amazing things our great grandmother would make. As she told us these stories with her cute little Arkansas accent, she would sing this song:

"Momma's in the kitchen makin' shortnin' shortnin,' momma's in the kitchen making shortnin' bread."

She would knead the dough, and melt the butter in her little country apron. Everything always smelled of cookies, brownies, apples and boysenberries in her house. She died a few years back, and every time I have a piece of fresh baked apple pie, shortbread, or peanut butter cookies, I think of her. Baked sweets always make me feel closer to my grandma.

So, grab a cookie and join me as I sample the cutest cookies on earth with the #ShortbreadSociety. Do you have favorites? I sure do. Check out the types of cookies below from Walkers Shortbread Cookies!

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