2016 Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway

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It's finally here, the Ello Honeybee, 2016 Gift Guide! I don't know about you, but I have been going crazy over the last few months trying to figure out what in the actual f**k to get everyone. First, I'll start off by saying that everything in this gift guide was something I was given by a few different brands, myself or a friend. Because before you go out and give people shit, you have to try it out yourself, right? That's the logic I'm going with and you should too. But just in case you are actually looking to buy for someone special, here are some gifts the might blow a stack over. Read through these, and you might get the skinny on a giveaway of one special gift (winky face).

  1. Too Faced La Creme Lipstick 'Unicorn Tears'. This was a shock to find at Ulta because no one ever has it in stock, but I was lucky enough to find it. 
  2. Glow for a Cause! If you want fresh products that serve a purpose, this beauty company is all about giving back for things like Breast Cancer, homeless victims and more. I got the 'Try it All' bag ($28), courtesy of Glow and it came with a little bit of everything. Their scents are so fresh and soothing. I loved the facial moisturizers in vanilla and body cream that energized your skin. This is great for someone that has no idea what they like, but want to pamper themselves and explore. 
  3. Urban Decay Moondust, Cosmic Eyeshadow. This one went perfectly with the Unicorn Tears lipstick by Too Faced. It sparkles at every angle, and I got so many compliments on it that I couldn't believe how much people loved it. The collection is available here in the Urban Decay Moondust Palette, so instead of just one color you can get all the colors in the collection that work with any skin type. 
  4. Solo2 Wireless Beats Rose Gold, ($125.99). These are wireless Beats by Apple? Or Dre?... I seriously don't even know anymore. But pretty sure they're owned by Apple. So the color is amazeballs because it matches my iPhone and looks great when I workout. The purpose of these was to have something a little more sound resistant for work (when I'm writing medical copy....snore... but I seriously need to concentrate) and to get rid of the cord at the gym. These are Bluetooth which I love, but after a while, they start to hurt my ears with the pressure since they're a bit tight, which is a common complaint from some of my friends that have them too. 
  5. Active Edge Sleep Shirt, ($64.99). This shirt is hands down the best gift for anyone that has difficulty sleeping and maybe even with anxiety that creeps up in the middle of the night. I received this shirt a few months back and have been wearing it to sleep a couple times a week when I feel like it's going to be a long night. Most people that know me know that I'm frequently exhausted because my brain is in hyper thinking mode all the time. The shirt achieves this by integrated electromagnetic frequencies weaved into the fabric that never washes out and remains active as long as your shirt survives. It's extremely comfortable, and it's got some serious chill factor. 
  6. Harry Potter Wand Brushes by Storybook Cosmetics. These babies are currently on back order, but they're expected to offer another shipment of these coming in 2017. It's not too long to wait, trust me. These brushes look exactly like the wants from your favorite childhood movies and books that Garrick Ollivander himself would confuse them with one in his shop. These beauty brushes are top notch and come in a super cute drawstring bag that I snapped on Instagram not too long ago. You can "Windgardium Leviosa" your way to gorgeous in a few strokes. I would get your shit together and get on their mailing list right now if you call yourself a Harry Potter fan. Plus they've got a pallet of shadows coming too.
  7. One Up Bands are a fun way to show off your style while you workout, so if you have friends that are into keeping their baby hairs out of their faces (seriously hate those when I workout and sweat) then check out the many patterns they have. I love the Moroccan Dream pattern (pictured above) since it's all seafoam love at ElloHoneybee.com
  8. Glov On-the-Go. Got this little baby just in time for my trip to Mexico. When you're traveling it isn't always easy to wash your face with the products you love because there isn't any room in your suitcase. But this makeup remover glove was the easiest to use since all you had to do was add water and little microfibers scrubbed away all of the days' makeup and oils. Perfect for any travel bug you know. 
  9. Harry Potter Mischief Managed Color Changing Mug. One of my favorite bloggers Jenna from Eat Drink Love got this for me, and I love her for it! It's amazing because, like the Marauder's Map in the Harry Potter films, it too changes color... when you heat it up with coffee (Yes, only coffee. Okay, not only coffee but you get it.) and other hot things.
  10. Coffee + Peppermint Body Scrub Birchrose & Co., ($18). My lovely friend Kat shared this company with me, and I had to try their products. Based in New York, Birchrose & Co. creates organic beauty products that smell amazing and feel even better on your skin. This coffee scrub nourishes your skin like no other, and you could slather it on forever it smells so yummy. Take some time in the tub with this baby. For coffee and self-lovers only!
  11. Crescent Moon Necklaces by The Sun & Moon Co. created by Tiffany! Love this girl and her quirky personality, plus she's got mad design skills. Not only did she design this blog (Gorgeous, right?) but she makes some sick jewelry. I bought this little ditty a year ago, and it still shines as the perfect simply accessory for any outfit. For girls and queens, that like to keep it simple and beautiful. These necklaces are gold plated and customized for your favorite chain length. 
  12. Sweet Competitionby Liz and Jimmy Reed, founders of Cuddles & Rage. First, this couple makes some of the cutest clay food characters with faces you will ever see. Everyone knows I always make faces on my food so it this is a perfect marriage between ElloHoneybee and Cuddles & Rage. Liz sent over their children's book for review, and I read it with joy. It's a cute book that teaches kids about two cherries that are connected at the stem and want to go against each other in a competition. Will they separate to play or stay together in the end? Out for pre-order now! Check back for a special giveaway of the book closer to release!
  13. Tea Council of USA partnered with ElloHoneybee to bring you a lovely gift basket of tea goodies with select teas, a lovely tea kettle, tea cookies (which are delicious) and a to-go tumbler! This is all in honor of National Hot Tea Month (in January!). Take a photo of yourself with your favorite tea and tag @Ellohoneybee and @TeaCouncil on Twitter with #IndividualiTea to enter! Giveaway ends Jan 15th! Also, check out their photo sharing sweepstakes here
  14. Besame Cake Mascara, $25. This is a throwback to the 20's. Old Hollywood makeup style that will give you thick, lovely vintage lashes. It can be a little messy if you don't know how to use it, but just add a little water and use a clean lash wand to get the look you'll love. 

    If you have any questions you can always tweet me @Ellohoneybee or email me at Marie@ellohoneybee.com! 

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