6 Spooky Podcasts for Halloween

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Hey, guys, it's been a while. But as you can see (hopefully), my blog has had a bit of a facelift. So it's taken a long time to finally find some time to throw all of my ideas together and bring you a new blog post. I know what you're thinking, that I fell off. It might seem like that since there were no posts in the last few months up, but I have been working diligently on collecting products for review, attending some events and more importantly reading. I take a reading and discussing the work I present to you very seriously, especially when it comes to books. As many of you know, I love reading, but since I work over 50+ hours a week, it can be difficult to get through and read a work of fiction that I want to share with you. Some things I've recently got into are podcasts. Some of you are like yeah....we've known about these forever and welcome to the digital world. I know.... I'm behind. There are many amazing podcasts out there; I'm just afraid of wasting time on things I'm not sure will be all that good.

Well, there are always mixed reviews on this stuff, and it's been fun talking with some of my coworkers that listen to podcasts. Now, I also like creepy things which mean it might be more time consuming for me to find spooky podcasts. Originally, I wanted to find something cool on witchcraft and voodoo to start, but they're few and far between that talk history of it all. If you know of one, please post it in the comments. So I just gave up and moved on to mysterious encounters of the paranormal, and there are a ton of these. Thankfully I found few that I thought seemed interesting, some I heard were excellent from friends and other podcast mentions.

1. The Black Tapes
    This was the first podcast I listened to on my search for all things spooky. At first, I will admit that I thought it was a real account of things for about five minutes of the podcast. So sadly, I was disappointed to learn it was fictional. This podcast follows the work of a man named Dr. Strand of the Strand Institute as his foundation offers one million dollars to anyone that can prove the paranormal exists. This entire podcast is put together by Alex Regan, a reporter from Pacific Northwest Stories, who follows Dr. Strand and presents every case along with her producer. Each paranormal case that Dr. Strand and Alex Regan investigates is one of the Black Tapes which are cases that Dr. Strand has been unable to disprove. He won't give up the money because even though these cases aren't solved, he still believes there are some logical explanations for everything. Will Alex Regan uncover some of Dr. Strand's secrets and the proof of the paranormal he's been searching for? Check out The Black Tapes here.  

    2. Small Town Horror 

    If you're from Minnesota, like one of my friends, you'll find the accents in this show fun. As we move through the town of Crayton's mysteries, we follow a man named Ryan Jennings through some weird demonic shit that may have caused thousands of disappearances. The town wasn't on the map for a long time, so maybe someone's trying to cover something up. No one ever talks about it, why? Follow Ryan into the world of alcohol induced investigations and small town drama. Click here to listen in to Small Town Horror.

    3. Unsolved Murders

    Carter Roy and Wendy McKenzie uncover some unsolved murders all over the United States that are just plain horrific. Although we're not sure what's happened to these famous people and some others that once unsuccessfully sought fame in life, only to find it in death (the Black Dahlia), we can still cringe at the thought of what madness lurks inside the human mind. Click here to listen in to Unsolved Murders

    4. Wormwood

    In this podcast, which I've just started, we follow Dr. Xander Crowe into the town of Wormwood to uncover a crazy, dark mystery that he never thought possible. I love this podcast because you talk to a ton of townspeople throughout to get their individual stories about what weird things happen behind the scenes. Sort of reminds me of the way Stephen King opens some of his novels. We love getting that first-hand account of these events from people to add a personal, weird telephone twist to it all. Who will you believe? Visit Wormwood here and get in on the mystery.

    5. Nocturne

    Okay, so this one is taking me much longer to get into, but that's because there are tons and tons of content available. What to choose!!!???? I've always been fascinated by what happens at night, in the dark. Everything that seems full of light and life in the daytime, in the sun, becomes twisted and mysterious once the lights are out. Can you trust what's familiar before sunset when the fog starts creeping in? I won't spoil this one by telling you anything other than it's worth it. Click here to listen to Nocturne

    6. Lore 

    Have you ever wondered where the scary stories we know and love found their origin? This podcast will tear down the walls of the spooky and give us some more insight into how strange the human mind is, how much we want to believe in things that make floorboards creak and the wind sound as though it were speaking to us in high pitched unearthly whispers. Listen in to Lore here

    Now Hear This: Podcast Conference! 

    Let me know what you think about these podcasts and if you know of any others that will creep me the f**k out. I would love to find something awesome out there, for that, I rely on you guys! Also, if you're interested in attending a podcast event where you can chat with the creators of some of these, check out this one in Anaheim coming up in October where you chat with Aaron Menke of Lore and Nic Silver of Tanis (producer of The Black Tapes). Get your tickets here for Now Hear This

    As always, give me a shoutout on Twitter @ellohoneybee and check out our Facebook page here

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