Your Dress Size Doesn't Matter

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There’s a difference between being strong and being just plain skinny. Strength measures something a little bit different than your dress size. When you wake up in the morning and are working toward strength in workouts and lifestyle, you know that your body and mind feel like a cohesive machine. With that, you can do anything. Confidence goes hand in hand with strength. You can be skinny and strong or you can be a plus size lady that kicks ass just the same. Being strong isn’t limited to a certain body type.

Strength Supports What You Do

The work that you put in each and every day to get your body up to the level that you feel at your best, is the ultimate goal. Don’t let what the media publicizes discourage you into thinking that you should look a certain way. The only person important enough to please is you. You know your body and only you know when you’re at your strongest. If you’re a mother, an athlete, surgeon, teacher or a marketing wiz, your body will rise to the occasion in order to support your lifestyle. Your body is graceful, unique, beautiful and supports you in everything you do. We women are dynamic and resilient creatures.  Our bodies can withstand mostly anything, even childbirth. For heaven’s sake, we actually produce tiny humans. If that doesn’t support the strength we are capable of, then nothing will!

We all look different, have different names and cultural backgrounds, and we all conquer the world each and every day. Getting in shape is just a way to supplement all that we do. When you exercise, doesn’t that make you feel juiced for the day and ready to take on whatever life hands you? How do you feel when you wake up? Does your body make you feel like you can tackle everything the day’s activities bring? When you’re energized and feeling great, anything is possible. Know your body and check in with yourself every once in awhile.

Taking Stock

Take a moment right now and think about how you feel. What are the things that you do every single day that get you up and moving? Are you happy? Taking care of our bodies and being healthy, not just skinny, is what we need to focus on. Take stock of all the things you are right now. Do you feel good and are you taking care of you, inside and out? Being healthy fuels happiness and can keep you moving through it all. If you’re feeling good and happy then recognize that.

Make it Real

Make a list. What are all the activities you do to stay healthy and what is that measure of health for you? Do you have physical strength goals or is it about the mindset? Physical strength and mental strength together are unstoppable, and are essential for your physical and mental well-being.

Below are two columns: one of which (“I am…”) is about the things you love about you. These are the things that make you feel strong as a woman. The other column (“I will…”) is a list of goals. These are goals you are trying to achieve in physical or mental strength. Write these down on post-its or on notepads around the house, to remind you that you are amazing, and what you’re capable of creating.

                I am… I will…

Strong Transfers Into Who You Are

Being strong can come in many forms and beauty is not measured by the inches around your waist. When you feel strong, that can transfer over into other areas of your life. Success is measured by your drive and that is propelled by how confident you feel. Your body is your vessel and maximizing your ability to go after life with vigor is key. You are strong. You are beautiful.

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