Just Another Person in the World

10:31:00 AM

Hello Bee Readers,

I’ve been writing and re-writing for days to come up with some sort of advice to give to the readers. I’ve bounced from topic to topic trying to find the right words to explain my thoughts through positivity. Here’s the thing, no one can be positive one hundred percent of the time. Life happens to all of us in different ways, and we handle every situation differently. I’m just another person in the world, with another perspective. So, why should you listen to anything I’ve had to say thus far? You shouldn’t have to, but for those who read these, you want to. I’m another perspective in your world to take in and explore the thoughts, the words and the opinions of another. It makes you that much more valuable. Perspective is everything in this world, if you only have one, then how do you expect to grow and to continue to relate to the people you are surrounded by? It’s amazing what you learn from people you never expected to learn from. Sometimes the lessons are clear right from the beginning and sometimes not. Sometimes the lessons are good and wonderful and continuously have a positive effect on you, sometimes they challenge you beyond belief and sometimes the lessons are hard and sad and don’t always end the way you expected. Every lesson is there to teach you, to help you become one step closer to the person you want to be. Don’t ever regret meeting someone, because at one point they were exactly what you needed, they were a purpose on your journey, and sometimes they come back for reasons you may never figure out, but they were meant to come back. Do you believe things happen for a reason? Through my experiences, I’ve had no reason to believe they don’t. From this, if you can take away one positive thing, let it be that everyone you meet has a purpose in your life, whether you choose to explore the reasons why or not, whether you believe it's from a higher power or not, believe in the people you see from here on out. They make your journey that much more valuable. 


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