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Okay guys, it's now time for you to don your credit cards, extra spending cash, coupons and more. Now is the time to get down and dirty with your shopping. I know what you're going through right now, it's crunch time for holiday gift shopping which is why I'm giving you a holiday gift guide for 2015. These are items that I love and recommend for simple gifts that say a lot. Not everyone is the same, so there is variety of items to choose from. Check out my favorite pieces below and comment with some of your favorite gifts. What are you giving your mom, boyfriend, brother??

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1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera-Urban Outfitters, $80

This little camera is adorable. So if you're shopping for someone that loves nostalgic hipster things then pick up one of these. The Fujifilm instant camera comes in a few cute colors and can be a fun addition to a holiday party. Set up that photo booth once you've been thinking of doing. The instant pictures that come from this are ready in seconds and you can give your party guests something to take home and keep for an extra memory.

2. Mon Amour Panties Triumph Lingerie, $32

This company has some of the best old fashioned looking lingerie that I've seen in a long time. The styles remind me of a sexy classic Hollywood. I love these panties here because they have an adorable butterfly lace trim on the butt and look fabulous. Just the perfect accent for a gorgeous gal like you!

3. Holiday Blueberry Breakfast Set, $39.95

This gift set is perfect for anyone, especially for someone that doesn't know how to cook. My brother doesn't cook much, but adding one egg and water to the mix is damn easy. I tried this pancake set this last month when my parents came down for a visit. The set comes complete with a cute Christmas towel, buttermilk pancake mix, fresh wild blueberry jam from Maine and blueberry syrup! For an extra boost of flavor, I added cinnamon to the mix and topped the pancakes with a little Earth Balance butter and pecans before pouring over the fresh syrup.

4. Making Moves Ring 7 Charming Sisters, $26

I love this online jewelry store because they have a simple style with a twist. This ring was adorable and had all the fall colors that can be worn with virtually anything. Browse their shop and get 25% off when you use offer code: 7DAYSWITH7

5. Leota Plus Size Dresses

Normally I'm not into print dresses, but these dresses have something extra that makes them cute. I purchased the one above and it fits well, doesn't hug the love handles (much) and is color pop enough not to hurt your eyes. Love the company and their plus size, full figure message.

6. Peche for Skin Redness from NeoCutis 

If you all are like me and get that Rudolph red glow, then you could probably use some redness reducing serum for your skin. I started using this brand and love that the creme doesn't make my skin burn and offers a lighter complexion. Try this out and see what you think. It's a great stocking stuffer for anyone, not just the women in your life.

7. Hyalis for hydration from Neocutis

Hydration, hydration, hydration. I know most of us don't use skin hydration products like face lotions and thing, but you really should. When you think about it, our skin and our faces are exposed to weather crazed freak outs each day. You need to make sure through the drying out winter periods and moisture sucking sun time that you replenish the lost hydration that naturally occurs in your skin with something that will nourish it. Hydrating your skin with this serum will help with that. It'll keep your face young. Trust me (as someone at 29 and still looks 18) it makes a difference.

8. Xbox One Gift Set Combo from Best Buy, $349

This is one thing I hadn't thought about until I realized that anyone can play video games. It's not just a nerdy boy thing. Video games are about one of the healthiest things you can have in your home. They are not to be played every five minutes and in the dark, but once a day for an hour a day can actually make you more creative and social (check the study here on Fortune.com). This gift pack is great because it comes with three games that are usually $40-60 a piece. I mean, Kevin Spacey's character on House of Cards played his Playstation every night after huge political debates. Also, from what I've come to understand it's all about the Xbox Live component that Playstation doesn't come close too. The Xbox one comes in 500GB and 1TB, which is about two Playstations put together.

9. Star Wars Movie Set, $89

I had no idea what Star Wars was all about until I sat down and watched it with my boyfriend this last couple of months. I still don't get why everyone freaks out over it, but I like it. R2D2 has the cutest robot scream I have ever heard. If you know someone that hasn't experienced it, or loves it then this is  a great addition to their movie library.

10. No Nonsense Leggings and Socks

I love love love love love these... I give away a few sets every year during Christmas time to show it. You can follow Ello Honey Bee on Facebook and Twitter to find out how to win our #Giveaway for a set of leggings and socks until the end of December by clicking here. They're comfortable and come in adorable patterns, and styles. Get your hands on a few sets of these for fun stocking stuffers.

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