Dear World... Listen Up

3:32:00 PM

I posted this today on our Facebook page because I just thought there are so many crazy things going on that we all need to step back and remember what life is about. Love and learn (a little something).
Dear World, 
Just calm down. Enjoy living in the moment, your friends, your family (even if they're all crazy Italians), ‪#‎care‬ for your body, ‪#‎love‬ what you want, don't forget to look up from your cell phones (there's a world out there to look at in person), and don't be afraid to try (even if it looks impossible and there are too many what if's) because you never know.

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If you can relate, post a comment below about your words of wisdom for the world. Please, let's Bee positive. Or tweet me @ElloHoneyBee 

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