Brooklyn: The Story of an Irish Girl in America

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The second this film's previews began popping up and Saorsie Ronan with her big blue eyes was on screen, we knew this film would be one of the best to come. The inspiration for the film comes from Colm Toibin's novel and is nearly exactly like the book. There are a few things in the book that weren't added the film, but I'm not sure if they were entirely needed. If you haven't seen the film, you may want to check out the local listings and see it.
My boyfriend and I found a deal for a local independent theatre (The Laemmle) on Groupon and decided to check it out. The film had received an unusually high rating on Rotten Tomatoes for both critics and viewers. Speaking of Rotten Tomatoes, if you normally check out ratings there first then you know that ratings in 90% highs are unheard of. But they're usually right. 
I wasn't sure what to expect because adaptations from fiction are usually bittersweet, but this was great. Even with some additions and some complete removal of characters from the script, the film was as beautiful as I hoped it would be. The characters and the lovely Irish accented people were a glimpse into the life of an immigrant at that time. The clothes were beautiful and modest, and the humor was spot on. The love story between one Italian from the Bronx and his Irish girl played out heart-felt and relatable. It was a common story with all the right tensions between the life left back home and new life in a new place. The disconnect to where someone was once from and the person they once were, to who they had become was interesting to see.

One part in particular that stuck with me was a moment where the Irish leading lady, Eilish serves Christmas dinner to a church hall full of old Irish immigrants. The group of men had long lost touch with their families having been in American for more than twenty years and they were all alone. One man stood up and sang to the crowd in Gaelic and it was the perfect moment to bring on nostalgic flashbacks for them all. If you love vintage fashion, Irish history and a little love story then this movie is the go-to film that I am sure will win some awards coming up.

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