Travel Bee Does Switzerland!

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Au Revoir Switzerland, and Hola España!

As I write my first post as the new Travel Bee, I am in my seat eating chocolate in an Easy Jet aircraft leaving Basel, Switzerland, en route to Madrid, Spain. Spain is the land of Flemenco, Paella, and handsome men (so, I've been told). I am more than excited to travel through Spain and Portugal for the next two weeks, but leaving Switzerland was bitter sweet....

Switzerland is a special place smack dab in the middle of Europe that is not often at the top of a travelers to do list. In fact, if I were to ask most people I know to point to Switzerland on a map of the world, I think they would point to somewhere close to Sweden. Lol. Are you one of those people? It's ok if you are. Switzerland is easy to miss since it is just a tiny tiny country that works really hard to have the rest of the world leave it alone, so... why visit?!

Mountains, Money, Language, Chocolate and Watches.

Even if you know nothing about Switzerland, you know it's known for its beautiful scenery! Snowcapped mountains and green valleys, with chocolate making cows are scattered throughout the country. Don't forget the beautiful rivers and lakes. 
When you do visit, do yourself a favor and get a Swiss Travel pass for their train system, but expect to pay $230 and up. Yes, Switzerland is expensive. But where else can you hear such an intermingling of German, French,and Italian language? All while eating chocolate no less!!

Yes, the chocolate! It was everything I hoped it would be and more. In Interlaken, Switzerland I ate a Caramel-Mango chocolate truffle that changed my life forever! And in Lucerne, I tried these chocolate covered orange slices that will make me dream of going back to Switzerland again, just to eat more. And, although I couldn't find the shop that sold this, I've been told that in Zurich there is a chocolate-coffee shop that sells this hot chocolate-pudding drink that is to die for! What's the best chocolate? You have to go to the grocery store and pick up a bar of CAILLER of SWITERLAND "Lait Frigor" chocolate. It is the best in the world!! 

More to come about things to try in Switzerland on Monday! Check back and follow our blog. Leave a comment and share your experiences with travel in Switzerland and Madrid. We love to hear from you. Tweet us @ElloHoneyBee on Twitter! Look out for the hashtag #JenDoesEurope2015


Your #TravelBee, Jennie

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