The Starbucks 'Red Cup' Debocle

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Before we even jump into this...Seriously?

Let's look at the evolution of the Starbucks cup, shall we?

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When you look at the design of the cup above, some people somehow see the rebellion of a coffee company against the Vatican--the end of religion as we know it courtesy of an espresso bean. I know that coffee is powerful, but seriously people? The cup signifies the end of all hope for those who believe in Jesus? I am 100% sure that 99.9% percent of those people have nothing better to do than think far too hard about the position of Starbucks on the totem pole of religious validation.

Let us look at the new cup again a little more closely, okay?

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It's a plain bright red cup. A coffee cup. Think about this from a marketing perspective. I've been a social media marketing manager, blogger and publicist for a few years. When we look at the design of the cup from this perspective, we see a cup with more creative potential for the consumer. Everyone knows that this is the age of social media, and why wouldn't Starbucks want to get in on that action?

A holiday canvas for gorgeous, hand drawn designs is the perfect place to start. Instead of restricting a world of coffee drinkers to one religious holiday (just in case you didn't know there are several other holiday celebrations with different names) why not make the holiday accessible to the many cultures and perspectives. Give them a cup with the general commercial Christmas colors, and allow people to draw something fun on them like Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Holidays (whatever). It's a minimalist design, that is all the rage within the anglocentric hipster movement.

Starbucks has been criticized for their unpopular attempt to jump into the conversation on race with the #RaceTogether campaign, but to say their trying to kill Christmas... that's a little far fetched. Unlike the race campaign, the #RevolutionoftheRedCups wasn't something they announced to prove how radical they are. They designed a cup with less stuff on it. Get over it. Don't get sensitive about it. Good grief (as Charlie Brown would say)!

According to Yahoo Finance... not that many people are #done (as Rob Lowe would say) with Starbucks after they started their crusade against Christmas. Check it. Stocks. Not down, but up.
Yahoo Finance Stocks Nov 10

I would like to propose a new hashtag.... #StartCaringAboutImportantShit. Tweet me @ElloHoneyBee and comment below.

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