The November & December Giveaway Is Here!!!!

11:17:00 AM

We love you!!!

It's about that time again, to spread the joy of the holidays with all of our favorite readers here at Ello Honey Bee. No matter what your gender, we invite you to join in and spread the love with us. That's why during the holidays we look for a giveaway that can give you a little hug from the Honey Bees no matter where you are or if you need a little sunshine. We're giving away some leggings and cute, comfy socks! They come in amazing seamless styles, colors and lengths.

Check out our official giveaway page for rules on how to enter here. (Click right there to the left, go there if you want some freebie fun, come on just do it... you know you're curious).

Something extra for you to peruse on Instagram... 
Check out No Nonsense's latest campaign, you can join in on and share your favorite No Nonsense moments. It's called #BeComfortablewithNo. Who doesn't love being comfortable during the winter months in something that looks and feels amazing!


Ello Honey Bee

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