The Cost of Applying to Schools

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Getting an education in the United States is expensive. If you've grown up here and travelled nowhere, then maybe it hasn't been brought to your attention that education in other countries can be free. Yes, that's right, free. So why is it that we value education so highly, but we insist on making it nearly impossible with weighted costs to obtain a degree?

First and foremost, schools have become a business. Each institution is Big Business, and they make it clear that they want your money. There are tons of little ad-ons proposed even before you've begun to become a fully registered student. First, there are the applications. Each application can cost anywhere from $80-300 each. This is of course to submit your fully completed application. But in order for you to truly have a completed application, you need to pay other institutions you have attended to send transcripts that can cost you anywhere between $8 and $35 to send. Not only will you need to send these transcripts to one school you want to apply to, but every single school you decide to apply to will need their own official sealed copy themselves.

Let's say you get accepted. Congratulations if you have. Now we've got to think about actual tuition. Are you out-of-state? Good luck with those fees, because it's going to now cost you double.

The strange thing about this is that we tell children that they too can be anything they want to be if they just get straight A's and get into a good/prestigious college. What we don't tell them from the time that they are young is that these schools are going to cost more per year than they will be able to make once they start applying for jobs. Employers don't seem to care where you went to school, because if you have a degree from a four-year institution and have all of these skills that took you years to acquire, they still want to pay you $10-$15 per hour. A whopping 30,000 per year maybe with benefits if you're lucky.

Education is worth pursuing, however it's beginning to get out of hand when it comes to cost. What we need, and have needed for some time is a restructuring of the education sector and instead of funding war to fund enrichment of minds. If people are more educated, maybe they won't feel the need to unnecessarily and ignorantly kill one another because they may look like someone who bombed something once. Education is freedom and should be offered to our citizens to help bring our country's reputation higher that what it has become.

What do you think?

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