Switzerland: Things to Do!

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Last week, I took you through my first impressions of Switzerland as I was on my way to Madrid. This week, as promised, here are some tips on things to do if you plan to go to Switzerland!

What to do and where:

Zurich: Stroll the streets, walk along the river, window shop, eat hot chocolate- pudding, and finish the day of with a romantic dinner along side the bridge eating traditional Swiss cuisine: Fondue, while cuddled in a blanket with candle light and wine!

Lucerne: Window shop all the expensive watches (I saw one for $120,000!!!), take a boat out for a tour of the lake, buy some local street snacks and eat from a typical Swiss menu on the boat restaurant on the lake.

Interlaken: spend a night here so you can wake up early and take a train 2 hours up the mountain to Jungfrau!! I didn't do it, but I heard the view is magnificent. (So is the price.)

From Interlaken, at least take the train up to Grimmelwald, you will get a nice view there. Then eat a slow and relaxing lunch while you gaze at the mountains. For the more adventurous types, try paragliding off the mountains. (But with a professional please!!)

Bern: This is Switzerland's oldest city and capital. Enjoy the old buildings with a landscape of snow-capped mountains in the background. Walk up the the park at the top of the hill, take pictures, then, take a nap under the trees on the provided wooden recliners while you listen to street performers! Then catch a nice open-air dinner in the middle of the central-square!!

Rheinfelden: This is on the list because this is where I stayed while in SWitzerland. It's a beautiful small town just a 5 minute walk from the border with Germany! "Field of the Rheine" is what it translates to, and I think it lives up to its name!!!

Check back in a couple of days for my post on Vienna.


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