Past Problems and Present Possibilities

11:10:00 AM

This weeks post is a bit more on the serious side. In my attempt to connect with anyone who needs the reassurance that what they feel is valid and are not alone in what they feel or experience, I have decided to put myself up to a writing challenge. 
Emily: Bee Positive Writer
I’ve challenged myself this week with writing down my past. It sounds simple and pointless, and as I began to sit down and write some pretty painful memories, I questioned why I was even doing this. It made me, in a sense, re-evaluate where I came from. I’ll admit, I never really considered any of my problems to be of any significance. I knew that someone always had it worse than I did and there was no reason for me to complain. Even when someone would be genuinely interested to listen to my issues, all I felt that I was doing was complaining. 

As I struggled to write down everything from my earliest memory of pain to present day struggles, it put me down again, but it also made me realize that my past is not who I am. My past is what happened to me and it doesn’t define who I am today, but helped me on my journey to becoming who I want to be. I continually change, with every experience that happens in my life and some people think change is bad. I see it as an opportunity to add another perspective to be seen. Too many people dwell on past occurrences and hold them tight. It creates this fear and anger and the inability to let go, forgive and move on from certain situations. I know this feeling all too well and I won’t pretend to not be guilty of being that fearful and angry person, at one time or another in my life. We all struggle with the ability to move on, because sometimes we don’t think we will receive anything better then what we've previously had.

I’m not here to tell you that things magically get better. They don’t, at least not without the courage, effort, and time to allow yourself to heal, forgive and move on. It is a conscious effort we put to ourselves, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You are not weak for having struggles; you are allowed to take a minute to break down and cry. Remember, your struggles are valid, no matter how insignificant you may think they are. But also remember your struggles are not who you are. You and only you get to decide who you are. The possibilities are endless. 


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