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Don't forget the things that you love to do in life. Too many people move through their week with a chip on their shoulder because the only thing they focus on is the work. I know, I know what you're thinking. When you're working a 9-to-5 job each day, sometimes over 40 hours a week, it can be tough to do anything else. But in order to keep yourself from boiling over with stress and singular vision, it's best to think of a creative outlet. So, what are some things you love to do that are creative and fun?

Think about it....

Were you great at painting or doing crafts with your children? Did you get a degree in English once upon a time (ahem) and realize that you like writing and creating stories? Maybe you made collages and photo books for family and friends for special occasions.

Not sure what you like to do? 

Think of some things you find interesting and make a list. Now, go through that list and try some of those things. Try taking a pottery class, drawing or painting a picture, or putting together some DIY home decorations. You never know what you're good at unless you try.

Think about it this way. When I say transfer your energy to something fun, I mean that in the definition of what energy itself is in science. The first law of thermodynamics is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but merely transferred from one form to another. What does that mean for your body and stress?

It means that when you focus on work all week long and that job isn't something you love, that negative energy gets bottled up inside you and wreak havoc on your nervous and circulatory systems.
Getting creative can help you transfer that energy from being a negative source that is constantly wearing on your body, out into a new activity that can be translated and transferred into joy.

Some trending things to relieve stress are these new adult coloring books. Have you seen these? First I thought that it was some kind of joke. Coloring is for kids right? Wrong. There have been some seriously elaborate and creative coloring books created for adults to relieve some stress passively and use the creative niches of the brain that lay dormant when you're not using them. It's a calming activity. Check back in about two weeks when we have reviewed some new coloring books coming out.

For now, you can try these pretty creative coloring books by illustrator Johanna Bashford here. Here's a preview.

Copyright, Johanna Bashford and Amazon

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