What I've Learned: Masters Degree Applications....

7:45:00 PM

Just like it sounds. God damn difficult. They say that profanity is for the weak. But right now, I'm not too sure that I care. All of my acceptable vocabulary is being thrown into my graduate applications.

Start early. 

That's the most valuable piece of advice I have. If you're one of those people that just made a sudden career change (me), then you should try to find out when things are due as early as possible. There are many parts to applications and depending on the schools you apply to there are entrance exams, portfolios, written samples and God knows what else.

Don't write your own recommendation letters! 

I know people will tell you that they don't have time and that they could just sign them once you've written one. But this is the worst idea. First of all, you know you want to sound amazing. Writing about yourself will not help you do that. Make sure you find people that have the time to get to know you (your work) and can write something heartfelt.

As I learn more, I will share more tips with you. Just give yourself as much time as possible to send in transcripts, pick up all of your readers (for your statement of purpose and other things). What grad schools and for which programs are you guys applying to? Share it with me by leaving a comment below or tweet me @ElloHoneyBee

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