So....what do you think of this weather?

6:52:00 AM

It's a complete and utter catastrophe. To chubby kids all over the world, this heat wave is a death sentence. I'm the person that sweats like a water faucet in mild heat--this heat is killing my fashion sense. I can't wear makeup because it just sweats off. I can't wait my hair in cute curls or leave it down because I will sweat out the shape and it will frizz out. It's miserable.

Credit to all due.

The worst thing about the heat is that I don't feel like myself. I feel like this crazed animal from another world when I'm overheated. The other day I had to stand with the freezer door open and put my head into it just to remember myself. It's that hot. People say there's no such thing as global warming but....what do you call this? And please don't say climate change; that isn't the same thing. This is something entirely different. I'm definitely feeling the Wicked Witch of the West here.

Also, I hate working out in the heat but it seems like if I don't brave it and workout then I won't do it at all. The only thing that's been helping me is that I'm already feeling sweaty so why not just get sweatier. Let's hope for more rain to help ease this drought and cool the air down.

Stay cool kids and remember to hydrate.

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