My Favorite Honey Bee Picks: #Halloween Gifts from Lush!

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I started buying Lush products a few years back after cousin Jen had bought me a set of theirs for Christmas. My mom got a gift card, and we went crazy with all these lotions, shampoos, shower gels and soaps. I didn't even know they were naturally made. I think some of their products are even Vegan, which is awesome.

Lush is one of those brands that spends a ton of time on presentation of their products, and that makes them fun to buy. When I think of buying someone a gift, I think automatically of Lush. They wrap each product in a cute box with adorbs wrapping paper and ribbon. Inside the wrapping, they have a set of three to four items of theirs in sample sizes. I like this idea because when you want to buy someone something, you want them to be able to use it. Don't you think? I'm a pragmatic buyer for the most part, and I don't believe in buying just a single item gift. I like giving people things they can use and unwrap in sections--something that has layers.

Lush Sparkly Pumpkin 2015
I wanted to share some fun things that Lush has come out with for the Halloween holiday. I love Halloween and went bananas for these items when I first saw them. The first, is their new sparkle pumpkin bath bar. It's so pretty! If you're one of those people that likes to decorate your home for the holidays this is a perfect addition. Also, if you want to give some fun and medium cost gifts to your friends, these sets are amazing.

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