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You might have seen or heard something about the Museum of Death in Hollywood, CA (also one in New Orleans). For those of us weirdos our there looking for the latest creepy thrill, this was definitely at the top of the list.

I heard about this place a couple of years ago and thought I would give it a try but had forgotten about it until my boyfriend and his friends had decided to take a trip. The museum is small and can be viewed in under an hour and a half (if you spend time reading things and such). The cost was about $15 a go around so I thought with that price we would see something amazing.

Paraphernalia of the Museum of Death, purchase here
The museum was small and honestly felt like walking through one of those old Hollywood homes converted into a business. Immediately when you walk in, the first room catches you off guard since there are things like letters written in the hand of serial killers, an electric chair used in an actual execution of a murderer, stained clothing worn by a killer on the day of their death, etc. I'm not sure what people expect when they come in here, but I wasn't too impressed with it. I thought a lot of it could probably have been found online if you wanted to look it up since it's mostly photographs and whatnot. If you sit down and read old clippings from the first account files then you might have the same experience. The one thing I did like was the cult scenes set up to look just like the day these mass murders had happened.

Check out the intro video here.

I would say if you really want to, go for it but don't expect anything too hands on (obviously). You might stumble upon some creepers in there following the cult (of some weirdo or other). It's definitely and eye opener as far as what cult mentality is like. If you do head out there, there are a few free parking spaces in the back. Let me know how you liked it.

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