Cultural Appropriation, False Identity--Rachel Dolezal of the NAACP

12:24:00 PM

When it comes to politics and sensitive issues, I try to stay neutral but this recent news story just had to be spoken of. For those of you who haven't heard of the latest racial scandal that has been sweeping the nation, Rachel Dolezal has been posing as an Afro-American woman for years. She has lead the NAACP in Spokane and has been known lately to be the central focus of many racial hate crimes. She says that in one particular incident that she has found hate mail in her (by key only) mail box at the post office. She has also claimed that there has been a noose posted in her doorway. Throughout all of these pieces of publicity that she has taken advantage of, none of them should belong to her as she does not belong to the black community at all. This woman has no such blood in her ancestry, nor was she raised by black people. This woman was born white, grown up a privileged white woman and taken advantage of the cultural experiences of black people in the community.

Many of you may be saying, well she feels connected with the black community but there is a difference between being a supporter of the black community and appropriating someone else's culture for your own personal gain. You don't have to be a black individual to be a part of the NAACP, but you shouldn't pose as one. If you wanted to work for this organization because you feel that they represent all of the values and have the same dreams for the world that you do then by all means be a part of it. But do not under any circumstances pose as something you are not so that you can deceive others into believing your experiences and siding with them when you cannot possibly know what it's like for those who actually face racial discrimination all day every single day.

I ask that people also not compare this to Caitlyn Jenner's experience as well, which is another argument that I have been hearing. You cannot say that if a man wants to be a woman he can do so and be praised for it and that if a woman who is white wants to be black she should be able to as well. It's not even close to the same things and you need to understand the fundamental difference of gender, sex and race first. She should be ashamed of herself and realize that all the work she has done will now be deemed unworthy of the cause.

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