The World Peace Caravan Gives Everyone a Chance to Be the Change #IAmTheChange

8:49:00 PM

World peace seems like something you would hear a beauty queen talk about after she's won. But in reality, when you look deeper into some of the crazy things that are happening around the world you'll understand we need it more than ever. If you're one of those people out there that's looking for a big movement that will help you to collaborate with like minded people who all want peace, you need to check out the #WorldPeaceCaravan.

The World Peace Caravan was started by a man named Gary Young (of Young Living Essential Oils) that had a dream about making the world a peaceful place. Gary started the World Peace Caravan looking back in time though the history of the peace movement and went back to the historic Frankincense Trail. The Queen of Sheba sent her men through this trail to bring a message of peace to a neighboring king. All of these men were on camelback, so the World Peace Caravan will offer people a chance to travel in the same manner to these historic locations throughout the Frankincense trail to share with the world the message of peace. The trip will take place in December of this year, 2015, you can register here.

If you want to get involved through social media, you can take a photo of yourself like the one below with the hashtag #IAmTheChange and post it tagging the @WorldPeaceCaravan on Facebook or @WPeaceCaravan on Twitter.

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