So Many Things to Try in L.A. That Are Incredibly Delicious...

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So, I live in Los Angeles and there are so many places here to eat, so many dishes to try. This is the land of fusions! I have always been the type of person that loves to go out and try new restaurants, not just the typical places everyone likes to go. Granted we can't always go out and try the most expensive culinary experience there is...frankly because we can't all afford it. When you're a student and you're working full time there are small luxuries you allow yourself. Food is one of those things I think we should all experience.

My father was the Italian that came to America for a better life, more money and a new experience but he never let go of his Italian roots. I am so proud of that and wish to always pass this cultural pride down to my children and share it with my friends. We still have family there and I have gone there and experienced the beauty of Italian cooking and culture, straight from what nature offers. I demand more from food than most people. I demand a sensory experience all around that does something to my soul, as should we all. There is something sacred about what we put into our mouths that should never be compromised.

Being in Los Angeles in particular we have a ton of Japanese restaurants and I have been dying to try a few Japanese places in Los Angeles. Have you tried any of these? Share your favorites with me +Marie Mannino and @ElloHoneyBee

Takao Sushi Dish

Takao Sushi

N/Naka Dish


Sugarfish Dish


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