Chubby Bee Workout Playlist

1:05:00 PM

Hey guys, I don't know about you but workouts are a whole lot more fun and motivating when you have a great playlist in the background. I'm not sure what your musical tastes are, but mine are more indie pop and jazz... however when I workout I like some American Top 40 (embarrassing at times I know) but whatever works for you.

Here's my playlist for a great 20 minute cardio workout. I call it my Chubby Bee Workout. Click through to the workout playlist where I have also attached the leg chair workout by +Natalie Jill !

Crickets by Drop City Yacht Club
Time Goes By by Madonna
Toxic by Britney Spears (I know so high school but DGAF baby)
Blame It On the Night by Calvin Harris
3005 by The Childish Gambino
Elastic Heart by Sia

Also heads up, today all I used was a chair and a resistance band and worked my gluteus, hamstrings and calves. Hell yes! Also, I have carpal tunnel so it's a little difficult to work in too many pushups, but I got it done this way and I feel sweaty and amazing!

Share your favorite workouts with me and let's get healthy together! Click through this link for the best free online workout videos compiled by +Greatist .

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