New Short Fiction: Gutshot by Amelia Gray

7:11:00 PM

Firstly, I loved hearing her talk about the art of the short story at the LA Book Festival this last couple of weekends ago at USC. I hadn't read anything of hers before so I was curious to see who they bring to the panel this year. Aimee Bender never disappoints of course but this fresh new face for me was a treat. I read some reviews on her throughout the day and when I found out that she and I share the same literary idol, Shirley Jackson, I knew I had to check out some of her stuff.

She's written a novel that's been quite popular called Threats (that I haven't read yet) and has published a set of short stories that are deemed dark and unashamed. Her latest collection is called Gutshot. I read the first couple of stories since I picked up the book and it's different. I didn't expect it to be mostly about sex, but it seems to be. It is dark and strange, but I'm hoping to get away from too much of the sexual aspect and focus on the macabre that drew me in to read her stories in the first place. Have any of you read it yet?

It's good to get out and read new writers and absorb different styles, so I am going to finish this book and let you know how the ride is soon. In the meantime, pick it up and read with me.

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