The Water Crisis!

11:37:00 AM

Hello my beautiful buzzing bees, I hope you're all kicking ass and taking names in your lives today. I wanted to chat with you all about the water issue we've got going on in California right now. It's insane that they're saying we are out of water and we only have one year left to conserve what we have before time has run out. I don't mean to freak you all out but that's pretty scary.

There are a few things I have noticed these last couple of years living in L.A. and that is there are too many people living out here. You can see it on the freeways when you're trying to get anywhere at 7am. We don't have enough resources for everyone. Taxes, rent and everything you can think of is through the roof. Personally I love L.A. and I was born here but I am sure there are other places in the U.S. that have something wonderful to offer as well.

We need to rethink our business structure and start a new mecca for media, music and the global market that isn't just L.A. and Santa Monica. Let me know what you think. I'm curious as to what we do?

For now.....What are some things you can do to help save water? Check out your faucets and toilets to see if they're water savers. You can also stop watering your lawn so much. California has the greenest lawns and the least water out there. Adopt a succulent garden or a rock garden. Also be conscious and pass is along.

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