New Year and New Giveaway!

4:06:00 PM

Hi guys! It's been a while, and I hope you all are doing well. First off, #2015 came really freaking fast didn't it? It doesn't exactly feel like a whole year has gone by. I will say that 2014 was a good one and I hope this year will be just as great as the one before it. If you didn't have such a great year in 2014, don't worry it will get better. We've all had those strings of years that didn't turn out the way that we wanted them to but eventually the silver lining shows itself and wonderful things begin happening.

This year I want to say that new #giveaways will be coming your way and some fun news as well. I want 'Ello Honey Bee to be your source for everything from the latest #fashion tips, #music releases and events, to hot organic #beauty products, sales and everything under the sun that's happening.

What do you want from this new year? For me, I want all of my friends and family to kick this one off with the most confidence and action that they can. Good things will come to those who welcome them with open arms and an open heart.

I welcome you 2015, with an open heart and a little curiosity.

Check it out.... a new giveaway this month!

Enter to win by commenting below, sharing this post on social media and checking out my social posts on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more. 

What can you win? The #PerfectBrow product from #TaUT Skin Care. This amazing new product will solve all of your eyebrow issues. I know that when I spend all the time in the world shaping, shading and plucking, I want these brows to stay put. The only way they do now is if I use TaUT's Perfect Brow product. It's a lovely unscented gel that is translucent and keeps them in place without notice. I absolutely love it and couldn't recommend it more. My favorite brow threading place uses this on all of their clients to set their beautiful brow jobs.

Cool thing, just in case you don't win TaUT Skin Care is offering you a deal, when you buy 2 get one free!

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