The Holidays with Your Honey (if it's your first)

11:50:00 AM

Holiday ideas are hard...
Welcome to the world of relationships. If you're like me then you know that holidays used to be a no brainer...when you were single. You did what you family did because that was always the thing to do and those were the people who matter most to you so you spend the time you want with them because you wanted to. Now, when you're dating someone that idea changes slightly. You still want to spend time with your family, but you also want your new addition (boyfriend, girlfriend or what have you) to be included in the festivities. The tough part is that your person might be thinking the same thing. There are a couple of questions that come up: first, how do you bring up the holidays with your significant other if this is your first set with them? Secondly, what if they don't want to go to your grandmothers house? Do they usually spend their holidays overseas? How do you balance all of the visits and still spend the time you want to with your family?

You make a plan. If your person loves and cares for you, you both will want to spend time with each other and your families on those special days so don't be afraid to bring up the questions if they haven't.

Think about ways to split the day. Maybe this Thanksgiving, you do dinner at their family's home and then head over to your place for dessert. Then the next holiday like Christmas, you switch it up and do dinner at your parent's house and then head to theirs for presents. You will make it work.

What about gifts and cooking? When it comes to holidays, do you have to buy each other gifts? All of these things depend on your specific relationship. Not everyone is the same, and not everyone wants gifts. Gifts can do one of two things: make the person feel special and loved, or feel pressured to buy you a gift when they may not have the funds or particularly be good at gift shopping. Discuss it. That's what I say, discuss the situation and see what the other person thinks. This doesn't mean that you have to agree, but you should always talk things through before making any solo decisions.

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