Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Hollywood

5:52:00 PM

Okay, so here's the thing... I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday. I met my boyfriend at a Halloween party, I love Stephen King and I've always had a love for anything macabre. This year a group of us decided to go to the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Everyone we know was saying that it was the most amazing halloween haunt this side of L.A. So, we decided to drop the $119 bucks on the 'front of the line' pass and give it a go.

The place was packed, good thing we had the front of the line pass otherwise we would have been in each line for a couple of hours and we probably wouldn't have seen all of the mazes. I loved the atmosphere and the set designs. Honestly, everything was setup wonderfully. The only thing that wasn't so great was that there were so many people you had a backed up line through the mazes, which left no room for the element of surprise. When there's a line that big, there's no time to allow for suspense between groups. I wasn't scared at all. It was a fun night, because of the people we were with, but it wasn't what I had expected from a movie studio that specializes in weird stuff like this.

I would say go for it and give it a shot if you haven't seen it before, but don't go for the regular admission. If you get the front of the line pass then it's a good idea to go, but I also wouldn't recommend going again next year. If you've seen it once, you've seen enough. But, if you really love mazes and the Walking Dead then have a ball.

Best Mazes: We all really like the design of the Clown maze first. The second best for looks was Alien Vs. Predator and in third place is Werewolf in London.

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