Get Fit Jumping on a Trampoline?

6:26:00 PM

I am beyond sore right now. If you haven’t tried jumping around all day for a workout then you should! My boyfriend and I decided to hot Sky Zone in Van Nuys the other day for some fun and it kicked our butts. My guy does things like ‘Fit Wall’ and Insanity and he was even sore all over. I on the other hand just thought it was for fun, not a workout. But that’s the best part of a workout that you have fun while you’re doing it so it doesn’t feel like a chore and you’ll want to do it again. 

I highly recommend trying this out if you haven’t. It’s so much fun. They have basketball courts and dodge ball games on trampolines. It doesn’t cost much, and I’m thinking if it’s done once a week (alongside eating well) then you should see some results. According to some stats, if you jump for ten minutes on a trampoline then you burn somewhere between 50 and 70 calories, considering your weight it may be more or less.

Check out their college night for those of you who attend CSUN, it's only $3! 

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