Has #music become a little overpriced and corporate?

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Summer is the time to put down your school books and find some fun summer shows to see. There's something for everyone during the spring and summer seasons, but only if you can afford it. Take #Coachella for example: you pay nearly $500 or more (we get it, you're seeing over 50 bands for this price). It's a little expensive, but it's not just the money; it's basically a celebrity circus. It's not just about the music anymore, but about the latest fashions (which is totally fine) and who's attending.

If you can't afford the four day festivals and accommodations, there are always local shows that are usually reasonably priced. Right? Wrong. Looking into shows these days costs no less than $45 per show. Once upon a time, shows were around $15-20 and you could see all of your favorite bands without worrying you would go broke. It was reasonable and it was about sharing the music. Granted, many of the venues were smaller and required less maintenance. We miss those days. 

This week one of the big names to see is Morrissey. If you've ever seen #Morrissey, you know that his shows are a treat but they're ridiculously expensive. So if you want to pay over $200 for an experience, then this show is a piece of history anyone should see. Morrissey is getting old and who knows how many shows he's got left in him. 

Have you been on any music adventures lately that were reasonably priced and worth the trip? Tweet us @ellohoneybee

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