You look young, you must not be competent. Benjamin Button any relation? Hmm?

7:07:00 PM

For those of us in the world who were blessed with good skin and the apparent fountain of youth, get ready for heartache when it comes to "grown-up" stuff. I have heard this a few times, but it never really hit me until my boss told me that he wasn't sure I could manage a team because I look too young and no one will respect properly respect me if they're older than I am. Hmmm....wait....what?

Say what? I can reach the pedals bro, chill. 

According to the response I received on Facebook from some of my professional friends, it happens to everyone who looks young. I'm not saying that it's as bad as some of the discrimination that goes on in this world, but it's still bullshit. Why should it matter how young I look? If I get the work done and do it well, with degree in hand mind you, then no one should dare question my ability to manage and do my job accordingly. Ageism. That's what it is plain and simple. Excuse me 40+, but let's take an aptitude test and see how that age thing works out for you. So does this now mean that we are obsolete because we're too young and even more so when we're "too old"? Where exactly is the cut off bar for respectful age?

Has this happened to you? Tell me about it @mariehoneybee

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