Valentine's Day plans, gifts and more...

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Let's do it, let's fall in love...

Everyone loves love, even if they pretend like they don't. The only time we say that we hate is when there are thousands of couples pooling around us while we're drowning in our own sorrows after a shitty break-up. We hate it so much, because we miss that lovin' feelin, now it's gone, gone, gone.... woe is me.

Valentine's Day shouldn't ever be a band-aid holiday. If you two have problems, then you'll have them during and after the whole affair. Don't ever expect your one night plans to mend every little thing that has ever gone wrong because you splurged on a hotel, some chocolates and a fire work show. Trust me. What you should do, is nurture your relationship all year long. There will actually be a fantastic talk tomorrow morning at 9am PST on The Shift With Ana & Skip with MFT Linda Nusbaum. Linda Nusbaum will go into detail about strengthening your communication skills and more before it gets to the uh-oh spaghettios point. Tune in tomorrow morning here and call in with your questions to this phone number (646) 378-1726.

If you two are on an even playing field and everything is all hearts and flowers than please proceed to planning the best Valentine's Day of your life. You have the 'Ello Honey Bee's stamp of approval.

1. Don't over think it. Sure everyone wants to feel special on Valentine's Day, but no one wants to be smothered. I recently made the mistake of doing a wee too much (amended) because I was so excited about it. The little things are the things that will be remembered--not the expensive bouts of fancy fancy moolah spending.

2. Plan. Don't wait until the last minute to book hotels, make reservations, shop for lingerie, or order flowers. Everyone does it and it makes it tough to get your hands on anything at a decent price. Many people overspend because they take what's left. If you plan, you save money and most likely won't get what you were initially looking for, right?

3. Be thoughtful. Don't just do what you think sounds good. If you don't know what the other person would like to do, how much time they have or if they work the next morning... then just ask them. This is where communication comes through again and it's important as hell. If the person knows you're considerate and you're thinking about their plans and preferences they will absolutely enjoy them more.

As far as gifts go.... what do you get your significant other? Well, it just depends on where you are in the relationship and how well you know them. If you're just beginning the relationship and want to spice things up a bit, then think about picking up these little his and hers sexy time kits from Bunny Juice ($19.99 ea.).

If you're not quite there yet, then think about doing something that both of you can enjoy like a night out at a dinner for two event. They are absolutely everywhere and the Aquarium of the Pacific is hosting one in Long Beach that is to die for ($70 per person). 

Whatever you do, remember it's all about the bond that you share--not the money you spend. Have a wonderful, fun and safe Valentine's Day!

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