Tieks, Fashion and Freebies...oh my!

12:28:00 PM

Last night we told you all about Zooey Deshanel and her fashion fun personality and style that knocks down everything you think girly things are associated with, and inserts power, independence and so much more. Today, we are showing you that you can have some girly, classic chic without being any less powerful and confident (anyone else hear some of Katy Perry's Roar in the background?).

Get ready for this.... Tieks by Gavrielli is hooking up fourteen, not one, women with a pair of their handmade leather flats! I know, your feet just involuntarily jumped a little with excitement. Tieks giveaways are few and far between these days, but when you find them jump on it. The shoes are a little pricey if you haven't tried them before so this is a great way to get in on the trend and allow your feet to find their first love. These shoes last a long time and can be worn with anything. The colors are to die for and you honestly won't find a better flat on this earth that has a reinforced sole that you haven't had to have done yourself.

Click the link here to enter.

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