Puppies, Polka Dots, and Powerful Zooey Deschanel

6:07:00 PM

A ton of people watch the hit show New Girl starring Zooey Deschanel. You watch it right? If not, get ready for the Netflix bender of your life. Disclaimer: this show is amazing and you may pee your pants laughing. Just sayin'. Zooey Deschanel plays the quirky geek school teacher on the show, but in real life she's a badass woman who runs multiple businesses like.... it's going out of business. Okay, bad joke (I get one per post). She's an inspiration to all of us working girls out there with the passion to do it all and take it all home. Not because we want to be top dog or anything, but because we just freakin' love what we do amidst all the craziness. 

I just read Elle Magazine's article on women in TV titled, The Happiness Project. April Long says about Zooey, "she staunchly rejects the notion that loving puppies and polka dots precludes being a woman of power." I couldn't agree with her more, especially when she tells Elle, "I never wanted to give anything up. I mean, why not try to have it all?". Zooey not only produces New Girl, but she runs a top feminine website called HelloGiggles, is in the band She & Him (if you didn't gather, she's the she), and she does tons of other things. She's such an inspiration when it comes to being a brilliant business woman and one of the most adorable geek-chic women of the century. Zooey makes us nerdy girls a whole new kind of coveted sexy--at least that's what my boyfriend seems to think.

Many people may look at this woman first glance and say okay whatever so she likes puppies and cute vintage dresses so she mustn't be a serious person. Wrong man. So wrong. Zooey proves it, that women can be as girly as they want to (we want to) without losing our sense of confidence and power. You can be a genius in a poodle skirt, but no one can judge you but you. She tells Elle, "You're truly proud of something when you don't even really care what other people think." She's so modest about her career it seems and she's got stage fright when she performs music. When most performers get ready to jump into the audience, Zooey keeps her actions small and just plays along. Down to Earth in every way with an angelic voice to boot. 

What we love here at 'Ello Honey Bee when it comes to Zooey is that she empowers us to do more as a whole. And of course, her impeccable fashion advice that is just to wear what you love and others will love it too. The moral of the story with Zooey is to stop all this female hostility toward each other. Embrace your femininity and embrace the same of other women around you. Only then can we all move forward and grow.

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