Urban Decay's Naked 3

12:27:00 PM

I know you all are going crazy out there to get your hands on the new Naked 3 pallet from Urban Decay this Christmas. I was too, until about yesterday afternoon when my local Sephora got their shit together and decided to get a special shipment in. If I didn't pick it up yesterday they wouldn't have gotten another shipment in until February. Way too long to wait. So, I bit the bullet and got it. I also got the new Escada Cherry in the Air perfume.... to absolutely die for my dear.

For those of you who know me, I don't post too many makeup reviews or how-to's. I usually leave all of that to my beauty bloggers out there like my friend Hannah at AllRosesArePink. Check out her video tutorials here.

But, I opened this pallet and thought..... how in the eff do I use these?  Since I didn't know what to do with so many options (like most people), I thought I would check out some video tutorials and share them with you. Apparently all these ladies use every single color on the pallet and then some.

Here are the tutorials below. I tried to get a few different takes from darker to light. I thought it would be nice considering most girls want a look for the evening thats a bit smokier than their day looks. Shout out to the following beauties out there who shared these videos on YouTube (One of them is giving away a pallet of Naked 3; watch and ye shall find out who): Sona Gasparian, Kandee Johnson, Megan McTaggert and Ressie Cherie!

Let me know which you guys loved and send your pics over of new combos you've tried. Love love love this pallet. Tweet me @ellohoneybee or follow me on Instagram @mariehoneybee.

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