Shopping for the perfect holiday dress: Valentino, ModCloth, and Anthropologie

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If you're like me, you know that the perfect dress makes the party so much more fun. When I shop, I know exactly what material my dresses need to be made out of so that they give me the right shape and are comfortable. It doesn't hurt to look sexy too ;). The usual colors for the holidays are your reds, blacks and golds. Personally I love my color wheel. So, here are a few dresses I was thinking would be super cute on each and every one of my bees out there.

Let me know what you all think of these, and share your favorite holiday dresses with us @ellohoneybee on Twitter.

For my rollin' in those deep pocket chicks. This Valentino lace cocktail dress will kill it!

ModCloth's vintage dresses are always amazing. Here are a couple I could die for a couple of times. 

Chiers for Tiers Dress, $59
I absolutely love the print on this dress. Too bad they were out of my size, but hey they may have yours. This is all Fall and it's perfection. 

Sights to Seasons, ModCloth 
Last but never least, Anthropologie. This is my favorite dress shop in the world. They always have the best prints. 
Terrace Sheath Dress, Anthropologie
I had to add this skirt because it is to die for Carrie Bradshaw style. Try it with a cute shocking blue blazer to accent the underlining. 

Capelli Skirt, Anthropolgie 

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  1. Lovely selections. My favorites of the bunch: the Chiers for Tiers (I'm a sucker for hi-lo hemlines!) & Terrace Sheath dresses!

    1. I want all of them, but the Terrace Sheath is probably my favorite. :)


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