Music Monday: Hotel Cinema's New EP!

12:56:00 PM

Hotel Cinema (the band)

Yo guys, you all know how much I love music. I always want to share anything new that I find. You may have seen this band a few times on 'Ello Honey Bee, but I have to keep sending love their way because they are the shit on wheels. Excuse the expression, but it's true.
Keeley Bumford (left), Mark Hadley (right)

The band I'm talking about is Hotel Cinema. They are kicking ass and taking names these days. The lead singer, Keeley Bumford has a beautiful voice. The thing I love about this band is that they are so versatile and clean; what I mean is they all play multiple instruments, sing, and they're easy to understand (they don't mumble). Every song keys into an emotion, that in general is due to the fact that you know they love what they do and the songs that they play.

Hearing this band through their absolutely lovely EP's is one way to fall in love with their music. But hearing and seeing them live will make a lifetime fan out of you. Seriously. You have got to check out their website and head over when you can. For those of you in Los Angeles, they're local and often play at the Hotel Cafe. They have great stage presence and are the sweetest people out there. I'm usually one to rope musicians into one category or the other based on their personalities. If I don't like them as people then it usually means I'll love their music so much less. These guys are so humble and really know what they're doing. They're just playing music because that is where their passion is. You can see it as they play and they will vocalize how excited they are about each show and song in between sets. Plus, as I have said before, they have a great sense of humor and will have you rolling over laughing with just how real they are.

Now, time for the meat of this shout out.... the new EP! The new EP just released and is called Exposition, which you can check out right here. I'm always excited to hear their latest. My favorite is the song Elegy. It's such a sexy composition of synthetic sounds, with a splash of Indie. For those of you who love these two genres, you know what I mean by that. It's also kind of crazy how dreamlike Keeleys voice sounds in each song. The balance is perfect.  Play, listen and repeat (all of their songs). Now get over to that website and take a beautiful, musical adventure with Hotel Cinema. Do yourself a favor. Also, follow 'Ello Honey Bee on Facebook and pick up some updates on show dates. We will for sure hook up with this band to get you the dates before anyone else.

Where can you find Hotel Cinema? Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube (latest music videos), and on their website of course.

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