Zestful Gratitude, Twice Basted, and Brined.... Thanksgiving!

9:37:00 AM

Thanksgiving, Cuddles & Rage style...
Well good morning to you all and 'Happy Thanksgiving'! This morning I wanted to share a little bit with you all about what I am grateful for, and what I am grateful for is all of you who read my blog (on occasion). I love writing this blog and have been so grateful to watch it grow and change over the past year and a half.

In the world of blogging it can often feel like you're talking to no one but the computer screen. But then there are comments coming through and interaction via the social media accounts that let you know that sometimes people do read your long winded rants. For which, I am grateful because this interaction that I see from my readers and friends helps me push forward every month to try and find new giveaways and interesting information to share.

I went to a very large Thankgiving/Chanukah party last night, and it was amazing to see how many people were all packed together in my friend Laura's house for the night. They had everything from an open bar, food galore and a glass fire pit in the front yard. There had to have been about sixty people there. The thing that I noticed about their family and friends that came together was that everyone was happy and gracious. Every person throughout the night you met through some medium or another, and everyone was smiling. We all had too much tequila and tamales, but it was a great way to kick off the holiday. To all my Jewish friends and readers out there, Happy Chanukah!

My assignment for you today is to think about a few things that you are grateful for. Write them down, no matter if they are good or bad, and put them in a drawer. Release those feelings of gratitude and just radiate that. You'll see how people respond.

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