NBC's Dracula. Guilty pleasure, or bone to pick?

12:40:00 PM

No doubt most of you have already seen the latest effort to butcher Bram Stoker's lovely childhood tale that is NBC's Dracula. Whenever a beloved novel is taken into the hands of some filmmaker or screenwriter there is sinking moment before the release where my heart dies a little on the inside. Will they do it justice or make it into something other and completely unrecognizable?

Of course, there are the rare few creative types that make 'based-on-the-novel' originals that give us a wonderful few moments of excitement for doing it right. I'm not entirely sure that I would say that about this show however.

Firstly we know that Dracula, Alexander Grayson, is an Englishman playing an American Industrialist to stay under the radar. But goodness me, couldn't they have chosen an accent for Jonathan Rhys Meyer that didn't make him sound constipated?

There are so many other recent developments for the original characters that I don't much care for. That's not to say that a little adaptation isn't a good idea. Meena is now a doctor in training. Why you ask? Because they need a "strong" female character that goes against the grain when it comes to what society would expect of her. Of course, why would the infamous Dracula be enraptured by any plain woman of her time. And Harker, poor Harker, is reduced to an errand boy for Dracula. But, we have got to love Renfield, don't we? I nearly made a mistake and mistook him for a bouncer at a Fifty Cent concert. Oopsie. Really? Oh yes, and I clean forgot who Dracula was awaked for.... Van Helsing himself. Dracula is more or less working for Van Helsing. Anyone else find this weird as f***?

For the benefit of staying in the loop of course, I watch this show. The idea seemed interesting, but it's not getting better and I'm not sure I like Dracula having a soft spot for Meena. He should do what his bouncer says, and simply take her. 

What do you all think? Maybe I'm being a little harsh because I love the classics. You tell me and perchance there may be some redemption coming in the coming weeks?

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  1. I've been trying to finish the book for the longest time ... I enjoyed it, but I got stuck in a lull, I'd like to get back to it (and finish). I heard of the show the day of the premiere, but I hadn't heard buzz on it before -- I must have been quite disconnected. I still haven't gotten around to checking it out, but it's on my 'watch' list, I am quite curious.


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