Harry Potter sport... too far?

9:36:00 AM

I have been hearing about these so called "Quidditch" teams that are popping up all over the world and I wasn't quite sure it was a serious thing. I love the Harry Potter series like any other person who grew up reading them, but this is ridiculous.

See, in the air friends. In this world(magical world) there is a thing called magic. 

I have nothing against people having strange tastes in things they like because there's usually something endearing about the geekiness. But this seems like it's gone a little far, even to be seen as adorable. In the movies, assuming these people were unaware, they are flying--in the air on broomsticks because that is what happens when you have magic (in this fictional world created by J.K. Rowling).

It works wonderfully on the Silver Screen and in our imaginations, but I am pretty sure that until someone invents these broomsticks that can fly airplanes, then this should not be a thing. No wonder everyone worries about our country. In this video I am about to show you (courtesy of YouTube and Harvard) you will see what I mean. These people are at an Ivy League institution. For the love of all that is pop culture, why?

I personally don't get it, although it's entertaining. I feel like my initial reaction to this needs further investigation to become script. Who wants to infiltrate the cult and check out one of these games with me?

"Harry, they're all mad. They don't even fly"

I am honestly dying to see how in the hell people go to these games, or play them for that matter, without laughing their asses off. What about the referee? Does he chuckle when a Beater goes of the beaten path, so to speak, and he has to call a foul or whatthehellhaveyou?

I have got to know what you all think, my lovely readers and friends. Tweet me @ellohoneybee or hit us up on Facebook to join the convo. Seriously, we need to talk.

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