Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

11:56:00 AM

I missed the premier of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland this last week, but I caught up and saw it last night. I had no idea who most of the actors in this show were, except for of course--Jafar. This show has all the wonderful things that you could ever want when it comes to a hero's story: action, adventure, lost love, insane asylums, talking rabbits, genies, evil queens, a wonderful spin on the real world into the fantastic and.... Sayeed from Lost.

When I first saw the trailer for the show, I honestly thought it was a full-length, feature film. The storyline was pretty awesome and it seemed like it could be a film. Now that I've seen the pilot, I'm even more excited it wasn't compacted into a two hour catastrophe. I cannot wait to see what happens from this point on.

Not to mention the genie is a little sexy, don't you think? And yeah, the Knave is too... Gotta love the English accent. It kinda hooks me in every time.

Of course, the important thing about this show is that Alice is a badass. Which is not to say that all women can't be badass and shouldn't be distinguished as different when they're adventurous. I think that's the common misconception of the "female heroine". If a man can be brave and just be seen as he is, normal, then why can't a woman be seen this way? You go Alice--get your sexy genie and those wishes. As a matter of fact, give me one of those things and I'll get him.

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