October is Breast Cancer Awareness and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

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This is an amazing month for women all over the world. Big month for boobs and personal well being over all else. 

Which means we need to support each other and the organizations that will help support all women. mark is sponsoring a wonderful couple of gift sets that support aiding in the fight against domestic violence where 100% of the proceeds go the foundations that support women in need. Lucy Hale is their spokesperson! Help m.powerment educated and helps women in abusive relationships get the help that they need to get out of difficult situations and move towards a healthier and safer life.

Mark sent over a couple of these sets and they are so cute and fun. I love the lipstick set with the adorable bejeweled pocket mirror and moisturizing lipstick. The necklaces are chic and the perfect length. There's no better way to represent women in need than with style and grace. Mark really hit the nail on the head with this charity line of jewelry, beauty products and more. Donate today and get yourself something fancy. 

Also don't forget about Breast Cancer Awareness month and the wonderful products that represent the fight against the silent killer. Research is only funded through donations and hearts just like yours. A family in need can get the mammograms, be admitted into clinical trials and become educated about breast cancer because of the amazing programs such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society. 

Here are a few great Breast Cancer Awareness products that share a large percentage of their sales with these foundations:

1. We all love Von Zipper's adorable collection of sunglasses. Their brand is in every surf shop or beach lovers store all over the place. They have a special line of Breast Cancer Awareness products to help support Boarding for Breast Cancer

Elmore Sunglasses

What girl doesn't love sporting some cute pink eyewear? 

Chakra Women's Snow Goggles

2. Agadir has a deliciously scented hair oil that keeps your hair shielded from heating hair tools, sun damage and weather disruptions--when your flyaways want to come out and play. This is Argan hair oil with a mission and a purpose. I have been using it for a few days and my hair is so much softer and shinier. Love it! Plus, it is so cute with its special pink squirt top to represent your donation! 

$40, Agadir, Argan Oil

3. Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner! This leave in conditioner is all about supporting women in the fight against breast cancer and giving their hair some volume and smoothness. A lot of leave in conditioners feed greasy and a little waxy, but not this one. Mixed chicks does such a wonderful job with this light leave in
conditioner that makes your hair feel rejuvenated all while you sleep on it. Your curls will get the moisture they need. I have wavy hair and it never sits right, but this stuff has a handle on crazy hair.

$16, Leave-in-Conditioner by Mixed Chicks

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