Happy Halloween? Or wtf and where's the candy...

10:10:00 AM

It's officially Halloween, and as most of us know, it's been a little stale these past few years unless you're saddled up with a hot cowboy in assless chaps at a frat party. Okay, maybe not.

As per usual, I will be stuck in class dreaming of sugarplums and such while everyone else is running a muck getting the crap scared out of them. I love Halloween and all the heart attacks that come with it. Who doesn't love to be scared shitless once a year? It's like taking a car out of the garage that hasn't run in a while and blowing out the engine for an hour on the freeway going ninety miles an hour. You have to do it every once in a while or you'll just sit there and rust.

Last year, a bunch of my friends went out to Shipwrecked at the Queen Mary and we had an awesome time. Of course, a lot of the scare factor was things jumping out of the all consuming fog--not so much the haunted ship thing (which is of course what I hoped was true). This year, we started Halloween early and hit a phenomenally large party thrown by a queen in the Hollywood Hills and damn was it fun. The only thing that scared me more than the idea of ghosts and such were the crazy high short shorts and the seven foot tall guy that came in dressed as "Dumblewhore". Yes, it's as strange and hilarious as it sounds.

No matter what you intend to do--stuff yourself with candy or hit Universal Studio's Horror Nights-- be safe and as always have a Happy Halloween.

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