5 Sites To Visit & Articles to Read If You Want To Be a Better Blogger

2:13:00 PM

Hey guys, so I wanted to share some useful information with all of you bloggers out there who could use a heads up into the world of blogging. These are some of the resources I sift through on occasion to up my game. I could be better about implementing a lot of it, but there are tons of useful tips here.

1. IFB: International Fashion Bloggers has some wonderful tips for blogging articles to check out, no matter whether your niche is fashion or not.

2. Problogger: This dude has a program to get your blog up and running into awesome mode in 31 days... try it if you dare (yup, I just challenged you).

3. Blogging With Success: He's got some great SEO type articles to get you going beneath the surface.

4. Article: So You Want to Be a Blogging Star. Some bloggers want to make extra cash, so check this article out to see your options.

5. Cision (A big PR platform) has a great section on blogging and how to be better at it. I love this because you see what the PR pros do and what can help you get up to their level.

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  1. What a great article -- I have a couple of blogs but haven't updated in a while ( =X ) ... will definitely check these sites out, thanks for the tips!

    1. Blogging is so tough to keep up, but a little consistency is good when you know how and what to do. How is it coming?


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