Sara Bareilles and One Republic in Santa Barbara California 9/10

10:17:00 AM

I got a call yesterday afternoon from a friend of mine saying that there was an extra ticket to see Sara Bareilles later that evening in Santa Barbara. I thought what the hell, I haven't seen her live so we might as well. The drive wasn't too bad and the city of Santa Barbara is so cute that you want to soak it up when you're there. We got there a few hours early so we could have dinner and some of McMillan's famous ice cream. 

After a fun afternoon in SB we headed to the bowl. We had general admission tickets, which were a lot better than I would have thought. I used to think general admission was the nose bleed section where you couldn't see much of anything. That was absolutely not the case, the bowl is relatively small compared to the Hollywood venue and we were right in the front of the stage. Granted it was standing room only, but it was amazing. 

Sara B came on stage and amazed me. Her voice was so clean, on pitch and beautifully dynamic thatI just couldn't believe my ears. Lately you get used to the fact that some of your favorite artists suck live quite frankly. But Sara B stole my musical heart away with her key changes, runs and the ability to play multiple instruments. She was quirky, real to the bone (cursing at every chance, which I love) and just plain adorable. All of her songs come with a story and you feel like you're sharing something special with her. I don't think I have ever seen an artists live and said that they were much better than their CD, but she was all of those things and more. Honesty, the best performance I have seen from a singer/songwriter in a hell of a long time. 

I loved the fact that her band consisted of two cello players, that dropped their instruments and did some backup every once in a while. I love strings in music period and they really gave Manhattan in particular something extra. 

Favorite songs of her set: Cassiopeia, Manhattan, Chasing the Sun, Gravity and I Choose You (perfect wedding song)

I didn't realize that the show would include some One Republic. I normally don't listen to them so I didn't think that I knew any of their songs. But low and behold, somehow I knew them all. Their performance was surprisingly amazing. I didn't know what to expect because I don't listen to them most of the time but wow. These guys know how to put on a show, and their band plays so many instruments (they literally switched every song). 

The singer was awesome and his never ending runs could make you crazy with how good they were. This band knew how to put on a show. Here is a snippet of video from the opening (which felt like a thousand years). 

Overall, great show and all the bands were awesome. Not one screw up. I would definitely see this combo of Sara Bareilles and One Republic play again.

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