Off the grid but comin' back baby!

2:44:00 PM

Hey guys I know I haven't been blogging as much as I usually have in the past but my goodness is life just bulldozing it's way through everything. I have been working a ton these days to save up for upcoming pre-med classes and studying my butt off in between for my anatomy exam--my final is coming on monday ahhhh!!!!

Other than that, there are a few things that I want to share with you because I will always have this blog and try my best to bulk it up with fun and useful content within the next couple of weeks.

eighth note, music note ring

Bass clef ring
First thing. The September giveaway is here and I have some adorable jewelry to send to one lucky winner from this awesome jewelry company called The Hatters (Anteater pride! The designer went to UC Irvine, my alma mater).

I'm all about music and I just love these rings, made especially for my 'Ello Honey Bee readers! Check them out...

I'll be posting about these babies all month, so make sure to check out 'Ello Honey Bee's social media pages for your chance to enter. I just love giving things away! 

Second thing, I want to hear from all of you (whomever you may be; some of you I know participate so kudos). I am planning my end of the year giveaways, events and more exciting things. What are you all interested in? Fun meet-ups to attend music events? I am buzzing with excitement to share some fun stuff with you guys and to get some feedback.

Lastly, get ready for 'Ello Honey Bee's fall fashion mashups, we will be posting some fashion tips galore coming up with shoes, accessories, dresses, the latest jackets, beauty products and more. If you have suggestions and want to submit them, send me an email

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  1. These rings are so cute! I was in band growing up and would have loved these!!

    1. They are aren't they? I'm really into music myself so I thought this would be a wonderful giveaway.

  2. Pinned!!


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