Insidious and of course Patrick Wilson

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I love the fact that horror movies of all shapes and sizes are coming out of the woodwork. Insidious, Chapter 1, was new to me until last night right before my friends and I decided to hit the midnight showing of Insidious Chapter 2. Creative titles these days, I know. Movies about haunted houses, possession and anything else creepy are right up my alley and I always see them when they hit theaters.

The films are not your typical haunted house deal because they're actually about haunted persons. Which can be scarier in a sense since no matter where you go you can't escape the entities that haunt you. How can a person be haunted? Lots of ways. This film took the bold premise of astral projection which means the son who was being haunted was able to have out of body experiences. He left his body when he fell asleep and found himself among the dead. The dead are jealous of human life and they wanted to possess his body while it was vacant and vulnerable.

After watching the second film, we find that the father was able to do this when he was a child so the same things would happen to him. His mother was so freaked out that she had a woman, who specialized in astral projection, help her son to forget he knew how to do this so that he would no longer be haunted. Of course it came back to haunt him through his sons experiences years later. The son ended up in a coma or some form of it where he was trapped inside the world of the dead. The father needed to relearn how to do astral projection so that he could go into the world of the dead and bring his son back to his body and stop the hauntings.

When the father goes to get his son back (he gets him back to his body and the boy wakes up from a coma), he gets trapped in the world of the dead and another spirit enters his body. The second film focuses on the problem of the father and the spirit that entered his body, the story of that spirit and the continuing hauntings that start again in their home.

It was an interesting take on hauntings and astral projection, Patrick Wilson's gorgeous face wasn't too bad either. I absolutely love me some Patrick Wilson. Other than that, there were some weird moments where the scene was supposed to be full of suspense and scary, but the director decided to give you something to laugh at at the same time. When I go to see a scary movie I want it to be scary, not funny. It was an okay entertainment hour, but I wouldn't say it was one of my favorites.

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